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We offer live football scores on all football matches from over 500+ leagues in the world. We present to you a twist from the regular football platforms and provides you the needs of the ideal football fan that we know you are!

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Yab Rivals, Hail Friends

The Yabscore App provides you with the opportunity to yab your rival teammates when their team loses a match. Ever asked a rival fan "How Market?", Now you can do more from a collection of over 100 yabs!

Goal Highlights

Get all the juicy goals of a particular match directly from the App. We don't want you just to see the real-time scores and results, we also want you to see the goals and who scored them.


Predict Center

The Yabscore App provides free football predictions everyday for the fans that love football and want to make money off football betting or those that don't like football but still wanna make money.


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We have done all the hard work behind the scene. All you need to do is....


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Browse through over 500+ leagues in the world, including the UEFA Champions league, Europa Cup, International friendlies and the World Cup and get football scores and highlights


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Enter your favourite club and register your mobile device on the Yabscore servers. This allows you participate in our weekly contests for a chance to win amazing offers and cash prizes.


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Download the Yabscore App and participate in the Start of the Season campaign for a chance to win N50,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the faq's about yabscore you might be interested in knowing. If you have any other questions you can reach us 24/7

Rukevwe is the official Mascot for Yabscore. Rukevwe hails from the Delta State region of Nigeria and unlike the regular "akpos", this character is witty, fun to engage with and yes, he has some serious attitude problems if your favourite team loses a football match.
Yabscore offers over 500+ leagues from around the world including the Nigerian premier league and all the very popular leagues known to football fans. It also offers all football competions from the prestigious UEFA Champions League, FA Cups, International Friendlies, CAF champions league and World Cup events (All categories)
Yabscore is free for everyone.You dont need to pay to download the App. While some features of the App requires subscriptions (predict center) this features are however at your own choice and does not disturb your access to football scores and match infos
Yabscore offers two free football predictions everyday once you have the App on your mobile device. However subscription is required if you require to get the full list of all predictions that the predict center offers
At start we will require you to register your device. This is to aid your continous use of the App on a new mobile phone device by simply entering your email and retriving your account info
Oh Yes you do! If you love football as much as we do, then you stand a chance to win amazing give-aways on our facebook handle every week. Follow Yabscore on facebook - It pays to get social.


Register your device and get a peak inside our monthly madness on all offerings, mini-contests, sweepstakes and events on the yabscore platform

Win N50,000 in our Start of the Season campaign

Download the Yabscore App and participate in the Start of the Season campaign. Select the teams that will stand on top of the EPL, SERIE A and LA LIGA by the end of september 2018 Its that easy!

Entry closes on the 15th of September 2019

Catch up on every match goal on the Yabscore App

See all the goals from all matches of the major football leagues from within your Yabscore App. We don't want you just to see the real-time scores and results, we also want you to see the goals and who scored them.

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